Disaster Relief

Workshop On Disaster Risk Management Begins in Monrovia
The Informer (Monrovia)
Kevin S. Tydehson
30 July 2009

A three day workshop to deliberate on findings from the nation-wide capacity needs assessment on Liberia’s preparedness to address natural disaster commenced yesterday at the Monrovia YMCA Building on Broad.

The workshop brought together County Gender Coordinators, County Inspectors, Liberia National Red Cross Society Field Officers, members of the National Legislature including representatives of media institutions among others.

According to UNDP Information Officer, Mr. Anthony Selmah, the workshop is expected to broaden the understanding of participants on key disaster risk reduction frameworks and provide an opportunity for participants to contribute to the finalization of the draft National Action Plan for capacity development.

Speaking during the official opening program, Internal Affairs Minister, Abdulai Johnson, lauded the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for its support in organizing the workshop and said that disaster does not discriminate between urban and rural communities.

Minister Abdulai disclosed to participants that Liberia has experienced numerous disasters such as floods in the costal areas of the country since 2006 coupled with the damage of major highways.

“I had an experience of flood that took a whole town in certain part of Grand Kru while I was in the helicopter traveling with the President Sirleaf,” he said.

The Minister said that man-made disaster can be minimized through education which according to him triggered the present workshop for participants to be educated and explain to others how man-made disasters are dangerous to the country.

He observed that construction pattern which forbids one to carry on construction works in the swamp in the country many years ago because according to him, swamps were considered as government’s land because swamps have the tendency to absorb water which flows from main land as a result of rain which is considered as a natural disaster, while construction in the swamps is man-made disaster.

He said once a man decides to build in a swamp, he should be prepared to salvage the area in which he is doing the construction or create a channel through which water from the mainland could flow to avoid man-made disaster.

He maintained further that constructing on swamping areas in the country is one of the challenges faced by the government and the National Disaster Risk Reduction Commission which is also a functionary of the government.

It can be recalled that the Government of Liberia and UNDP conducted a National Disaster Risk Reduction Capacity Needs Assessment in 2007 as part of the process of Strengthening National Capacities in disaster risk reduction. The assessment identified major resource constraints and capacity gaps in policy and legal frameworks. As a result, a draft National Action Plan for Capacity Development was developed.

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Invading army-worms enter major border town
Written by Clarence Jackson
Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Report reaching Star Radio says invading armyworms have attacked a major town along the Liberia-Guinea border.

The Chief Medical Officer of Bong County told Star Radio, the armyworms numbering several million have invaded Lawein Town forcing residents to flee.

Dr. Garfee Williams said ten of the ninety-six houses in Lawein Town have been abandoned and people were seeking refuge on farms untouched by the pests.

According to Dr. Garfee the caterpillars are climbing the walls of houses and taking over rice farms in the area.

The Bong County Chief Medical Officer said of the affected towns and villages Lawein was the worst hit with creeks and wells badly contaminated.

Dr. Garfee recommends a massive aerial spraying exercise to rid central Liberia of armyworms.

Also, government has appealed for concerted international efforts to combat the swarm of armyworms that have invaded central Liberia.

Agriculture Minister Dr. Chris Toe said the extent of the damage being caused by the pests requires the help of all international partners.

Minister Toe told Star Radio helicopters were urgently needed to carry out aerial spraying of places attacked by the worm-like caterpillars.

Dr. Toe also appealed for motorized sprayers in order to spray treetops that have been permanently seized by the caterpillars.

On Tuesday Government launched a minimum effort using Knapsack sprayers to combat the swarm of armyworms.

The Ministry of Agriculture has deployed more than thirty technicians in the affected areas to spray the surrounding bushes with insecticides.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture has warned residents of Zota and Suakoko Districts not to eat dead chickens during its ten-day operation in the districts.

According to agricultural experts the insecticides currently being applied remains active for seven days before disintegrating.


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Flood hits Tappita, several made homeless
Written by Julius Kanubah
Wednesday, 01 October 2008


Over two thousand people have been made homeless as a result of flood in Tappita, Nimba County.

The flood also swept away forty houses and left some one hundred and seventy homes partially damaged.

According to Tappita District Representative Edwin Gaye the flood is a result of the over flowing of the Gwein River.

Representative Gaye said so far no one has been reported dead in the flood disaster but feared a possible outbreak of cholera.

The Nimba District # 7 Representative called for the intervention of the Liberia National Red Cross Society, Tear-Fund, the UN and LRRRC.

He said the displaced flood victims are in need of food and other assorted items.

Representative Gaye said the latest flood incident is the second in less than thirty-one years since flood hit Tappita.






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