From STAR Radio:
US Government provides 3.5 million dollars to boost rural education     
Written by Matthias Daffah    
Friday, 22 January 2010 
STAR Radio

The United States Government has provided three point five million dollar support to the school feeding Program in rural Liberia.

The program is implemented by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the World Food Program.

A release issued said the money was provided through a Congressional supplemental approved last year.

It was intended to mitigate the impact of the global financial crisis in a developing country like   Liberia.

The release said the USAID contribution will fund the distribution of an estimated three months of daily cooked meals to more than thirty thousand rural primary school children.

According to the release about half a million dollars will be used to purchase locally-produced rice from smallholder farmers under the P4P initiative.

P4P is the Purchase-for-Progress a local procurement initiative implemented by the WFP in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and partners.

The rice the release said will go towards the school feeding program as take-home food for girls in grades four to six.

The initiative is intended to encourage families keep girls in school.