“Need to rethink County Development Funds”, says Pres. Sirleaf
Written by Vivian Gartyn
Thursday, 18 December 2008

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf says there is a need to rethink the management of the County Development Funds.

The President said the current management is causing serious problems undermining the essence for which the funds were budgeted.

The County Development Funds are being managed by county officials in collaboration with the Legislature.

The President disclosed lawmakers are giving instructions to the Finance Ministry for payment of funds, something she described as totally inappropriate.

There have been claims and counter-claims of corruption from across the country over how the County Development Funds are expended.

There are also calls for the General Audit Commission to audit the funds but the President said the GAC should be allowed to carryout bigger audits.

She assured that other companies like Momo and company can be contacted to audit the county funds.

Meanwhile, President Sirleaf announced a pending reshuffle of her cabinet but was quick to state that is not about corruption or dishonesty by those to be affected.

The Chief Executive further clarified that the pending reshuffle is intended to make her government more effective.

President Sirleaf acknowledged that some of her earlier appointments were about political considerations and pay-backs for support during the elections.

She said now that her government has reached its mid-point, there is a need for some changes to ensure more achievements.

The reshuffle is expected to affect every level of government and will see the transfer and dismissal of some officials.

In another development, the President has disclosed that the Dunn Commission will present its report in January 2009.

She assured that any recommendation from the commission would be implemented.

Over two hundred thousand U.S. dollars was approved for the commission to investigate the authenticity of the emails scandal that linked the office of the President.