NGO frowns at condition of rural children     
Written by Hilary Vasco Wiagbe    
Thursday, 07 May 2009 

A non-governmental organization says living and education conditions for children in rural Liberia are still deplorable.

An official of the group told Star Radio a survey conducted in Grand Kru County shows that students are still sitting on bare floors in classrooms. 
Mr. Theophilus Nimene said most of the schools experience the lack of instructional materials and shortage of teachers.

He observed it was unfortunate that a segment of the Liberian children are enjoying basic social services, while others continue to live under difficult conditions.

Mr. Nimene also said in this modern age, people in Jloa and Jloh Statutory Districts are still fetching drinking water from the creeks.

He called on government to decentralize its development activities to benefit all Liberians, regardless of their locations.