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Surce: STAR Radio Date: 01 Mar 2010

 Written by Clarence Jackson

The Acting Medical Director of Phebe Hospital in Bong County Dr. Sampson Azu-Akoi has declared a medical emergency in the County. Dr. Azu- Akoi said the medical emergency is a result of the outbreak of measles, laser fever and whooping cough in the central regional County. He said several districts including Jorquelleh, Suakoko, Kokoyah and Zota have been affected. Dr. Azu-Akoi attributed the outbreak to the failure of parents in the area to carry their children for vaccination. The Health Ministry last week confirmed an increase in measles cases in several parts of Liberia and said a vaccination campaign was ongoing. Dr. Azu -Akoi called for more resources to increase the coverage of the vaccination campaign to avoid the spread of the disease to other districts.

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 GOL To dedicate 100-Bedroom Hospital In Tappita
The Inquirer
Feb 10, 2010
[photo: View of Annex Two (West View of the Hospital)]

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare will July this year, delicate a 100 bed-room Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County.During a joint ( MOH&SW, Chinese, WHO) assessment visit of the Tappita Hospital facility, the Minister of Health, Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale appraised the works undertaken by the Chinese construction team and declared it both tremendous & satisfactory. Dr. Gwenigale further commended the People’s Republic of China for such a great assistance to the people of Liberia, specifically the health care delivery system.  In his statement of thanks to the Chinese Government for the construction of the 100- bed room health facility, the Health Minister cautioned Liberians to be mindful of whom they elect as leader, if such development initiatives will continue across the country.  Dr. Gwenigale, in continuation said, the election of Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2005 was not a mistake but rather a sound decision that has yielded significant results through the many development initiatives. He further added that it is only a credible leader that the International Community would overwhelmingly support. In conclusion, the Health Minister reiterated the Government of Liberia’s unflagging financial support for the Hospital.

For his part, H.E. Ambassador Zhou Yuxiao lauded the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for its instrumental role in the process leading to the construction project. Ambassador Yuxiao further explained that the Government of the People’s Republic of China is very interested in the maintenance of the Hospital facility, as it is vital to a sustainable Health care delivery of the Country.  The Ambassador reassured the people of Liberia of his Government’s continuous support to the Health care delivery system of Liberia and stated that the management team of the Hospital will be comprised of Chinese, Liberians and Egyptian professionals.   Also speaking at the joint assessment visit was the WHO Representative to Liberia- Dr. Nester Ndayimirji, who thanked the Government of Liberia for its farsightedness in negotiating the agreement with the Chinese Government to construct a 100- bedroom Hospital for Nimba County and the Liberian populace. In continuation, Dr. Ndayimirji said the construction of the Hospital was a welcoming development for improving Health care delivery of Nimba County and the entire region. He promised WHO’S continuous support for the administration of the Hospital. Speaking for the Chiefs and Elders of Tappita District, Representative Edwin Gaye thanked the Government of Liberia for designating Tappita as the site for the construction project.

In conclusion, Representative GAYE SAID OF Tappita District and Nimba County were grateful to for the Hospital project, which would serve as a significant medium for proper medical treatment of all in the region and county as a whole.  The joint assessment visit was concluded with a dedication of an eight- bedroom clinic in Gbeni Town, Sacleapea District, and Nimba County.

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Normal working activities resume at St. Francis Hospital  

Written by Gabriel Paul    
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 


Normal working activities have resumed at the St. Francis Hospital in Cestos city, Rivercess County following the return of the doctor.

Dr. Malano Saa abandoned the hospital last Friday and came to Monrovia with a promise never to return to the county. 

Dr. Saa told Star Radio he’s dissatisfied with the attitude of some county officials toward him.
The medical officer observed some officials of the county did not appreciate the sacrificial services he was rendering Rivercess County.

Dr. Saa however, reconsidered his decision to abandon the St. Francis Hospital based on numerous appeals from citizens of the County.


Liberia-China- Health

China, Liberia break grounds for $10 million hospital in Nimba County

APA-Monrovia (Liberia) The governments of Liberia and China at the weekend broke grounds for the construction of a US$10 million hospital in the north-eastern provincial town of Tappita, Nimba County in northern Liberia.

According to media reports Monday, the ceremony was performed in Tappita located about 300 kilometres from the capital Monrovia by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Chinese ambassador to Liberia Zhou Yuxiao.

The 100-bed hospital will be constructed by the Chinese company Guangdong, and will also serve as a referral hospital for the south-eastern counties of Maryland, Grand Gedeh, River Gee and neighboring counties.

Speaking during the ceremony, President Johnson Sirleaf described the construction of the hospital as a major milestone in the Poverty Reduction Strategy launched in 2008 to ’lift Liberia from poverty’.

Also in his remarks, the Chinese ambassador said construction of the Chinese aided hospital represents the mutual benefit of the cooperation existing between China and Liberia.

He promised to fully equip the hospital to make it one of the most modern health centers in Liberia, to award scholarships to people of Nimba County to study medicine in China in an effort to make the hospital vibrant