Development Project Launched In Clay Ashland
The Inquirer
February 25, 2010
Melissa Chea-Annan
[photo: Rev. Arthur B. C. Wah and some residents of Clay Ashland]

It was a happy moment for Residents of Clay Ashland and Millsburg in Montserrado County, when the Executive Director of the Christian Health Fellowship-Liberia, Rev. Arthur B.C. Wah officially turned over a primary school to them last Saturday.   The philanthropist, who claimed he is not from that community indicated that he felt the need to assist the children in that community by giving them hope for the future and to ensure that they are educated, since it is through education that a nation can be developed.It can be recalled that in December 2009, Rev. Wah paid a courtesy visit to that community and following an assessment in those communities, he assured them that he would carry out some useful development as his way of contributing towards the development programs in the country.  Aad so, in fulfillment of his promises to the residents of Millsburg and Clay Ashland towns, Rev. Wah launched a market, school, and clinic projects, something that brought tears of joy and smiles to the residents of those communities. These projects are expected to prevent the residents from using the St. Paul River as their toilets.

During the launching program, the CHFL boss described the plights of the residents as an abuse of human rights in that they were denied their rights to education, health and security; “and seeing these areas without these basic services, I consider it a violation of your constitutional and human rights,” he added.  Amidst applause from the jubilant residents, Rev. Wah assured them that he will open two clinics for those communities in March this year. He expressed disappointment that these communities are lacking behind in terms of development and so, he urged the county authorities to ensure that funds intended for development be materialized.  Rev. Wah further stressed the need for clinics, schools and roads, among several others in every part of Montserrado County so that residents in other parts of Montserrado County cannot be denied of those basic social services.   The Town Chief of Clay Ashland, James Garway praised Rev. Wah for the efforts he made in ensuring that his promises were fulfilled. He challenged the lawmakers of Montserrado County to emulate the goodwill of Rev. Wah and carry out positive development in their county for the good of the residents, especially the future generation.  The philanthropist Reverend was later petitioned to contest the 2011 elections as Representative for District #13, something he rejected and assured them that his calling is to preach the word of God and give hope to the hopeless.

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